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Your One Stop Security Solution

SLJ Fiber Networks Pvt.Ltd. is a full-service security company. We professionally install, service, and maintain everything we install, Our clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what sets us apart drastically in the industry. As specialists in video surveillance systems and technology, our clients rely on our SMART security camera systems to protect their investments.

Managed Data Backup and Unlimited Surveillance Video Storage

CCTV Cloud Storage Provides Security and Peace of Mind

If you are still storing business documents and security video backup on your computer’s hard drive, you could be putting yourself at major risk. It has become increasingly easier for hackers to bypass passwords and breach virtually any desktop system. Not only is your drive not safe, but data transfer security may be vulnerable to capture enroot. The best and most affordable solution is professional security camera cloud storage from a reputable firm such as SLJ Fiber Networks.

Many security systems provide only a few hours of video. At best, most conventional storage backup systems will keep video for up to 120 days before overwriting it. For liability cases for example, the statute of limitations to file a claim is much longer than 120 days. Many business owners have lost legal battles through the loss of the security camera video evidence that would have exonerated them.

CCTV Cloud Storage from a Company You Can Trust

The solution is to contact SLJ Fiber Networks Pvt.Ltd. We are a highly reputable firm that has served more than clients for over 10 years. As an extension of our renowned security camera systems, we proudly offer our proprietary Surveillance Video Storage in our exclusive Virtual Video Vault.

Not only do we develop our ownNVR System, CCTV Services also offers the finest security system cloud storage solutions. These products and services provide our clients with unprecedented peace of mind year after year. Our Virtual Video Vault (unlimited CCTV cloud storage) services include:

• Vital offsite managed video data backup.

• Saving, storing and retrieving of all your vital video data.

• Video data transferred securely over the internet.

• Unlimited CCTV cloud storage.

• Video data saved securely and indefinitely.

• A recovery request system, which allows you to have easy access of your data.

• A history log of all retrieved data requests.How CCTV Services’ Cloud Storage Benefits Our Clients

• Our clients can have access to their security camera cloud storage from as far back in time as each has indicated.

• Storage services also include our exclusive System Health Checking.

• Our proprietary Virtual Video Vault services sends both our client and our service team emails and text message alerts in the event any recording device, network, or cameras experience issues.

• All storage space, set up, programming, monitoring and maintenance of your account is managed by SLJ Fiber Networks Pvt.Ltd. for a small monthly fee. If you want your CCTV video data to protect you, then protect your video data TODAY! To learn more, please Contact Us.

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Our values are providing consistance, relible, real time technical support with innovative process through advnced technology.

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