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Intercom Services are absolutely free for gated communities, Apartments and group houses.

Note: For Free Intercom services customer should take at least 2 services.


There are a lot of advantages that we can grab from cordless intercom system. Those benefits are:

First, of course it offers a convenient method in communication. You can share information easily with the others in different room or offices. For example, you can put a unit into a conference to easily discuss some problems or share information with the other in different places..

It is easy to move. You can carry the intercoms from one room to another while you are having conversation. It is possible because the cordless intercom don't have any cords.

It offers a convenient method to network within a facility. Take a unit into a conference to ask a quick question or share information with neighbors in apartment. Speak with an individual

It increases security system. When you need to contact security in any kind of situations, it would be easier if you are using an intercom system.

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Our values are providing cosistance, relible, real time technical support with innovative process through advnced technology.

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